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Should the UN Step in to Stop Police from Killing Unarmed Civilians? Plus Jasiri X Interview!!



                                                                                                                            Photo  Courtesy of NY Post

The police murders of unarmed citizens from Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tony Robinson and others have sparked outrage across the country. The issue is polarizing cops and the African-American community at heights not seen arguably since the 80's. Beyond the race issue, many Latino, Asians and White citizens are finding themselves on very bad ends of police encounters.

However, the recently video taped unarmed civilian killing of Walter Scott in South Carolina brings a new chill to the discussion. Additionally, the severe beating of a San Bernadino County man by the sheriffs dept. after he totally complied has people asking a lot of questions. Recently the Wisconsin community announced they plan to try and take the case of unarmed civilian Tony Robinson to the United Nations.

The idea of taking the US to the UN for crimes against African Americans has been on our tongues since the era of Malcolm X. But will it help? What can be done to change the way cops interact with Blacks and others so its less likely to end in death for the civilian or the cop? Also, how are most Hip-Hop media outlets helping or hurting the discussion? This is what we talk about today on Bishop Chronicles.

                                                                                                                     Photo by: Adisa Banjoko

Then we talk with the ever opinionated and inspiring rapper and activist, Jasiri X.