i hit it

Episode 7.5: Ace Hood Can't Drive, Jay Z and Beyonce in Cuba, Ray J Still Sprung on Kim?, Rutgers Drama & Audio from Harvard Lecture on Hip-Hop & Chess

SPECIAL NOTE: This is not a regular episode. Right here I go hard in the paint on a few issues bubbling in the entertainment sector, WE GOTTA TALK ABOUT JAY-Z AND BEYONCE IN CUBA!!! We have a lot of fun though so, buckle up and put on your crash helmet. First we look at the Bugatti video by Ace Hood. Its one of my favorite jams right now and I like the video to. The only odd thing is that he never drives the Bugatti in the video. I think I figured out why.


From there we look at the new Ray J song "I Hit It First". While I'm sure this song is giving Kanye West and Kim Kardashian fits, Ray J sounds like a dude still sprung off a girl who left him danglin'. After that I give you my take on the Rutgers issue and we talk a bit about the basketball player (Kevin Ware) with the crazy busted leg we all saw on TV. 

Then we cut to the super-scientifical-brain-bustin' Hip-Hop, chess, and martial arts lecture I gave at Harvard Graduate School of Education in March 2013. This is an edited down version that does not include all the video and audio I use in my presentations. We just wanted to give a chance for those who are curious about the Hip-Hop Chess Federation philosophies and ideas a look at what it is about.