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#31: Ronda Rousey: A Different Look at Gender in the UFC

Ronda Rousey just took the planet from 0-100 mph by beating the authentically formidable Cat Zingano in only 14 seconds at UFC 184. In this episode you will get possibly the BEST play-by-play explanation of what actually happened in the ring. Then, we look at this UFC victory in a way that takes us past the Octagon. We look at what her flawless victory means about gender, MMA, war, sports, psychology, strategy and history. In 14 seconds, she changed pretty much everything and the way we can look at everything.

Episode 22: Adisa Talks About Being Awake During Surgery, His Addiction to TV, How a Roller Coaster Almost Killed His Wife, Jay Z & Barneys + The Dark Side of Jiu Jitsu



SHOW MENU: Surgery from start to 15:00 Roller Coaster Chaos 17:30 Great TV (Walking Dead, Scandal, Mindy Project, Brooklyn nine nine) 20:30 Jay Z and Barneys and Macys 33:18 Palhares and the Dark Side of Jiu Jitsu 44:40  

 After a few weeks down, we are back. Long story short, Adisa had a small tumor in his forehead he had removed. It took longer to heal than he had anticipated. But he's up and at em today! He gives a pretty spooky, but interesting tale about getting his surgery. He also talks about how he took is wife to Great America to ride Goldstriker and he thought she was having a stroke.  Then we talk about his favorite TV shows. From Walking Dead, Scandal, to The Mindy Project and more we talk about why these shows are working. Then we talk about Jay Z, racial profiling accusations at Barneys and Macy's then we talk about some of the DARK SIDE of jiu jitsu. Its out there...Buckle up. This one here is a good ride. Plus new music from HHHCF Street Games Vol. 1 is at the end of the show.