#31: Ronda Rousey: A Different Look at Gender in the UFC

Ronda Rousey just took the planet from 0-100 mph by beating the authentically formidable Cat Zingano in only 14 seconds at UFC 184. In this episode you will get possibly the BEST play-by-play explanation of what actually happened in the ring. Then, we look at this UFC victory in a way that takes us past the Octagon. We look at what her flawless victory means about gender, MMA, war, sports, psychology, strategy and history. In 14 seconds, she changed pretty much everything and the way we can look at everything.

Zumbi from Zion I Talks Hip-Hop, Tai Chi, UFC and more!

Zumbi from the rap crew Zion I is one of the best rappers living in the bay today. Their dope beats and positive, fun, wise lyrics have taken them across the globe. Along his travels Zumbi has studied deeply, the art of Ta Chi, Buddhism and African Traditional spirituality. We specifically talk about Zion I's 2012 Shadowboxing release and where he was at psychologically and philosophically. 

In this episode we talk about the impact of those studies on his art, the general state of Hip-Hop and how it impacts race relations in America . We also talk about the impact of Kung-Fu films affected so many in the Hip-Hop community (especially Black men) Plus we talk about race in the UFC, Jonnny "Bones" Jones cocaine situation and what that means for the UFC. 

From there we talk about everything from pros and cons of the vegan lifestyle,  as well as other health and diet methods. Zumbi also shares his favorite Kung-fu films as well as his thoughts on Bobby Shmurda and the impact of mainstream radio on young minds.

It goes down heavy in this episode. So if you are super sensitive and can't deal with the real go somewhere else. This is BC where its our job to make sure you #LearnSomethingNew 

Episode 15: Top 10 Mistakes BJJ Fighters Make in MMA + Chessboxing Filmmaker David Bitton



What a show. We talk about the sad loss of Anderson Silva, jiu jitsu icon Roger Gracie and the nature of entertainment and warrior psychology in the UFC. We also start looking at Jiu Jitsu in MMA and a few reasons BJJ guys have come up short in the cage as of late.  

We also talk with David Bitton about his new kickstarter film Chessboxing The King's Discipline   You will learn a lot about why this film needs to be funded!!