War on terror

Episode 8: A Deeper Look at the Boston Bombings Pt. 1

This was probably the hardest show for me to record, because the topic is so complex and the end result will have impact on ALL American citizens and the potential to being a new era of peace. We are talking about the Boston Bombing.

After a short look at some current events like Jason Collier coming out in the NBA and some cool news about Yahoo! and the implications of Snoop Dogg (promoting a gun buy back program), we talk about the Boston Bombers.

We know what you have seen in the media. We know what you think you may know about the Boston Bombings. Nevertheless, there are a lot of conversations NOT happening in regards to the terror attacks themselves and the religions, social and political implications they leave in America's wake.

In this episode we talk about how little we really know about the attacks, about those blamed for the attacks, about Chechens, about Islam in America and the failure of the media to really investigate this issue with sincerity, instead of sensationalism. 

This will be an ongoing discussion. This is not about conspiracy theories. This is about taking a hard look at what happened, what we understand (and don't understand about these attacks and who is being left out of the conversation to our detriment.

This is not a show made for people on the hard left or the hard right. This is for the people looking to learn the truth about where we are, how we got here and what we can start to do so we can leave this state of confusion and violence.

We hope you take this show seriously. We hope you join us in the search for truth and peace.