Ralek Gracie

Zumbi from Zion I Talks Hip-Hop, Tai Chi, UFC and more!

Zumbi from the rap crew Zion I is one of the best rappers living in the bay today. Their dope beats and positive, fun, wise lyrics have taken them across the globe. Along his travels Zumbi has studied deeply, the art of Ta Chi, Buddhism and African Traditional spirituality. We specifically talk about Zion I's 2012 Shadowboxing release and where he was at psychologically and philosophically. 

In this episode we talk about the impact of those studies on his art, the general state of Hip-Hop and how it impacts race relations in America . We also talk about the impact of Kung-Fu films affected so many in the Hip-Hop community (especially Black men) Plus we talk about race in the UFC, Jonnny "Bones" Jones cocaine situation and what that means for the UFC. 

From there we talk about everything from pros and cons of the vegan lifestyle,  as well as other health and diet methods. Zumbi also shares his favorite Kung-fu films as well as his thoughts on Bobby Shmurda and the impact of mainstream radio on young minds.

It goes down heavy in this episode. So if you are super sensitive and can't deal with the real go somewhere else. This is BC where its our job to make sure you #LearnSomethingNew 

Jiu-Jitsu, Hip-Hop and Meditation: The Metamoris Episode + EXCLUSIVE with Ralek Gracie

Adisa Banjoko, Denny Prokopos, Purple Yin Poison and Rakaa Irsicience

Adisa Banjoko, Denny Prokopos, Purple Yin Poison and Rakaa Irsicience

In this episode of Bishop Chronicles Adisa interviews Denny "300" Prokopos from 10th Planet Jiu- Jitsu in SF, alongside legendary Dilated Peoples MC, Rakaa Iriscience . I've been friends and fans of these guys for a long time. When Rakaa told me he was coming to town (doing shows for their new slamming album Directors of Photography) , I knew we had to make this one happen.


They talk about two of their favorite things: Jiu-Jitsu and Hip-Hop. It all begins talking about the cultural power of the Metamoris event created by  Ralek Gracie. He masterminded a top tier, submission only grappling event that has changed the way many of us look at jiu-jitsu, grappling and MMA. This conversation was no-holds-barred and so a lot of touchy things get brought up. Should all tournaments be sub only? Is there a place for points and advantages in the competition space? The rules of Jiu-Jitsu continue to evolve, what is working and what's not?

After that, we look at the role of meditation as it relates to our Jiu-Jitsu training, art, and life in general. Adisa shares the true roots of the Iron Hook Scroll, Denny talks about how Kundalini yoga affected how he saw Jiu-Jitsu and Rakaa shares how meditaion practices given to him by his father help him develop today as a rapper.

Denny Prokopos, Rakaa Irsicience and Purple Yin Poison after rolling and recording.

Denny Prokopos, Rakaa Irsicience and Purple Yin Poison after rolling and recording.


If that was not enough, we have a short interview with Ralek Gracie at the closing of the episode. We hope you have fun and learn as much as we did from one another in making this podcast.

Shoutout to : CTRL Industries, Dstryrsg.com, Heroes Martial Arts, Open Mat Radio (my fam right there!), On The Mat.com SF Goldman.com, Eddie Goldman and NHB News, and most of all, YOU. PEACE