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Episode 19: IS Kendrick Lamar the King of NY ? +The History of Battle in Hip-Hop


No rapper on earth has caused as much excitement and anger in the game as Kendrick Lamar. We just talked about him a few weeks back celebrating his courage in speaking up against the use of Molly.  

Well the other week he did a cameo in a song with Big Sean called Control and in it he attacked most of the top level rap industry guys. He listed the following rappers by name in this song as being people he was better than: J Cole, Big KRIT, Wale, Pusha T, Meek Millz, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Big Sean, Jay Electronica, Tyler (the Creator) and Mac Miller. He further stated that he was the King of NY (remember, this kids from Compton) and he basically said if you were not Jay Z, Nas, Eminem or Andre 3000 he did not even consider you on his level.  

Listen to it in full here:





What Kendrik Lamar has done is bring rap back to its deeply competitive roots. That was the nature of battle raps before the emergence of "beef" (real violence rooted in rap battles) . We look at the history of battle raps in Hip-Hop, the importance of it and how Kendrick is forcing people to rethink WHY they do rap music. Further its making fans rethink what they expect artistically from the rappers they love.

Also, the wave of memes created by this one song is arguably unmatched.

We also talk about how a lot of NY rappers left their core root of style and how this has hurt them over the years.  IS he the king of NY?

After that, we have a serious talk about the 40th birthday of Hip-Ho being disputed by some...We will take a look at what the REAL birthday of Hip-Hop and ask ourselves, how much does it matter? Buckle up. Its about to get serious... My FAV response to Kendrick is Quadir Lateef.