HHCF Joins T-KASH in Oakland Marathon Run for Peace

Rapper T-KASH Runs Marathon at Oakland Running Festival for the Cause of

Non-violence & Education

March 6th 2013, Oakland, CA- The Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) is proud to announce that it is sponsoring rapper T-KASH as he runs for a second time. T-KASH is well known as an Oakland based rapper respected globally for his aggressive rhymes about street life and violence. In recent years T-KASH expanded his physical skills by losing almost 100 lbs and becoming a marathon runner and certified fitness instructor. On March 24th he will participate in the Oakland Running Festival for a second time to promote non-violence, health and education.  

People can donate to his mile match campaign HERE

“T-KASH was one of the first rappers to join the HHCF in our mission” said HHCF Founder Adisa Banjoko. “I watched him transform his own mind and body. He went from about 240 lbs  to a 180 lbs Marathon runner in a little over a year. Its funny because I inspired him to get serious about healthy living, now he’s inspiring me with his dedication to nonviolence and education. There has never been a better time for Oakland and America to choose peace as the way to healing all communities.”

" The culture of gun violence in Oakland can't be addressed before we address the history of the culture of gun violence itself” stated T-KASH. “This can only be done to a certain degree if we just make songs about it. I felt the need to expand the means by which we make this issue visible. That's why I run."

" As a member of the Student Parent Association for Recruitment and Retention , and an African American/Asian-Pacific Islander student at UC Berkeley, I believe we need to continue bring awareness to the fact that the diversity demographic at UC Berkeley is too small to ignore or attribute to random circumstances."

To fully illustrate his point, T-KASH dropped the MP3 I Run The Bay feat. Adisa Banjoko. The rap is a powerful testament to his lyrical skill and empowering perspective on the importance of having mind and body balance.

In related news, Adisa Banjoko just returned from Harvard University last week hosting a workshop on how music, chess and martial arts promote unity, strategy and non-violence to American youth.


T-KASH after last years Oakland Running Festival Marathon 

EXCLUSIVE: Adisa Banjoko Featured on Rap Genius

Today the website www.rapgenius.com ran a cool story by me. It is about the top 10 chess lyrics in Hip-Hop. Please check it out and share your thoughts on it...More soon! READ IT HERE: http://rapgenius.com/posts/1627-Top-ten-chess-lyrics-in-hip-hop AND HERE http://rapgenius.com/posts/1631-Top-ten-martial-arts-songs-in-hip-hop ! You will learn a lot about the deeper connections between Hip-Hop, chess, rap, b-boying, and find out what DJ used Bruce Lee in his logo. Shout out to Shawn Setaro and all the Rap Genius family for having me on deck. 

Chuck D of Public Enemy and Adisa play a game on a Barack Obama board...

Chuck D of Public Enemy and Adisa play a game on a Barack Obama board...

What are some of your favorite rap lyrics about chess?

HHCF and Universal Zulu Nation Give Coats to Kids

I know my extended family out there in Boston and much of the East coast is really getting battered by the weather. I know you can't even begin to compare West coast winters to the the ones on the East. But at a certain point, cold is cold. 

At one of the schools I work at, I kept seeing kids coming to school in t-shirts in 30 degree weather. They would mostly act like they were ok, but if you pressed them they would admit they needed a jacket. Lucky for me, my good man Minista Don Mega of All Tribes Universal Zulu Nation of San Francisco had just done a coat drive and had a ton of coats. He even got some from my sister from way back CMG from Conscious Daughters.

They came though with about 50 jackets. Many of them name brand. They were all donated. These are just SOME of the kids we were able to serve that day. There are way more pictures than the ones I'm showing here. 

Let me be clear about something. I'm not rich. Nowhere near it. Neither are my folks in the UZN. But with sincere effort and organization, we helped a lot of kids. It does not cost anything to care.

I'm not telling you this to brag or judge anybody. I'm telling you this because right now I promise you there is a kid, teen or adult who needs some warmth. If you can do anything for them, or you know someone you can, take action. Remember 3PA > 1NT. PEACE...

Rockin' Uz and Suaro from UZN really represented. Much thanks to Minista Don Mega for being the cornerstone of making this happen. For more on All Tribes Universal Zulu Nation SF, visit www. facebook.com/AllTribesSF


Look cooler than the person next you

Its true on the chessboard, on the mat, on the mic, on the turntables, on the dance floor...

Its true on the chessboard, on the mat, on the mic, on the turntables, on the dance floor...

Let 'em know you love the Bishop Chronicles !! I want to  thank CTRL Industries and Grypp Styles for collaborating with us on this shirt. 

Let 'em know you love the Bishop Chronicles !! I want to  thank CTRL Industries and Grypp Styles for collaborating with us on this shirt. 

OK, so check out this new shirt that represents the HHCF positive balance between logic and physical fitness. A portion of the sales will directly benefit the Hip-Hop Chess Federation. We thank you in advance for your support. http://ctrlindustries.bigcartel.com/product/technique-is-king

RZA Flies HHCF Founder to Harvard March 1st

RZA and Adisa in SF....

RZA and Adisa in SF....

RZA from Wu-Tang Clan Flies Hip-Hop Chess Federation Founder to Harvard University to Speak on Hip-Hop, Chess and Nonviolence

Feb 5th 2013, San Francisco, CA-The Hip-Hop Chess Federation(HHCF) is proud to announce its founder, Adisa Banjoko  will be speaking at The 11th Annual Alumni of Color Conference  at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  On March 1, 2013 from 3:00-4:30 PM  Adisa Banjoko will present a multimedia interactive workshop, “Living The Game: The Powerful Fusion of Hip-Hop & Chess.”

“This presentation will explain in great detail the interwoven histories of Hip-Hop, chess and martial arts” stated Adisa Banjoko. “Further, it will show how the blending of art, logic and physical fitness guide young people to self-discovery, self-mastery and nonviolence.”

Shortly before getting the invite to present at Harvard, his family car was struck from behind while stopped on the freeway. “Between the loss of the car, getting my family seen by the Dr., and dealing with the insurance companies- I was stuck.”

After he got the invite to Harvard he sent an email to RZA (who serves at the HHCF Director of Outreach) explaining the situation. RZA, who is respected for being a man of action but few words sent an email stating “I think I can help.”

A few days later Adisa got an email confirming his flight to Boston. “It was shocking beyond words. RZA has supported the HHCF in many ways, but this was truly unexpected. RZA told me ‘

I'm helping you achieve this vision because on one hand as a comrade you came to me, and I think this can be fruitful for you and your family. On another hand,  I think the young people in our colleges can benefit from analytic minds such as yours. So it's a gift to them as well. Lastly these youths are to become the potential leaders of our country. So in the long run we help all.’”

ABOUT HHCF: The Hip-Hop Chess Federation is the first nonprofit 501(c)3 to fuse music, chess and martial arts, to promote unity, strategy and nonviolence. They host celebrity chess tournaments, youth camps and offer anti-bullying workshops to raise the grade point averages and self esteem of at-risk youth.

3PA > 1NT (and you said you were good at math!)

Graff in San Francisco...Cool ain't it...?

Graff in San Francisco...Cool ain't it...?

Since the year has just begun and people are super focused on new goals, I wanted to share something. I wanted to talk about the importance of making positive daily actions toward your goals. Having a goal is essential! If you are unsure about what you want to do with your life, that’s ok- everybody goes through those phases. But you must remain in constant search of taking in new experiences and information (never stop reading!) in order to see what your future options. If chess helps you learn one thing in life, its always take time to properly weigh your options.

More than ever, this planet is moving at a tremendous speed with constantly evolving technologies, political systems, social systems and economies. Even the way art is made, distributed, and sold is also in transition. It’s a beautiful time to be alive and there are amazing opportunities to learn from and grow through all around you. But without a clear goal, you might find yourself overwhelmed by it all and before you finish smiling, it’s over. Life really moves that fast.

Part of it is the intensity of the unstable economy and our broken educational system. It can leave you feeling unprepared at best and extremely stressed and depressed at worst. Negative thoughts can be crippling to the mind, body, and spirit. Sometimes negative thoughts are fed to us from our family, friends and the media. Despite meaning well, it’s common that those who love us mislead us. Not from a place of hate, but more often than not, it’s just a transfer of fear that they carried and put onto you.

Regardless of their intention these negative thoughts can invade your head like a virus and alter the normal function of your brain. Your sense of self worth and ability become distorted. Soon your bad habits and negative affirmations lead you to assured failure and unhappiness.

To free yourself of this virus you must first decide that your mind, body, and soul are sacred. The word sacred comes from a Latin root word sacrare mean “to devote”. One of the definitions of sacred is “properly immune from violence, interference etc. as a person”. After you recognize your inherent sacred nature, you quickly understand that anything sacred is worthy of defending. The easiest way to defend yourself against any threat (physical, mental, economic, etc.) is to keep yourself consistently in tune with the true current state of the world. You need to be clear on your place in it and where you are headed.

After many years of living a very distracted life, I recently developed a methodology to combat consistent distractions. I write is as 3PA > 1NT. Meaning three positive actions are greater than one negative thought!

The next time you find your mind idle on the couch or in front of the TV and a negative thought enters your mind you must first get up (if you are lying down, sit up, if you were sitting stand and if you were standing sit). Change your physical posture as you adjust your mind. No thought is stronger than action taken. Now we begin.

Example #1 : If you are worried about the big test, take three positive actions against that fear. Read 3 pages on the subject that were giving you the most trouble. Or you could read one page, look up an article on the subject online and call a mentor to ask a specific question you lack clarity on.

Example #2: If you feel out of shape when you look yourself in the mirror, then right there drop and do ten push ups (or as many as you can do) ten sit ups and ten minutes on the jump rope.

Example #3: If you want a new job, go sign up at 3 new sites online or dig deeper on the sites you prefer and send no less than three resumes out.

Those are the simple examples I can give but the equations are applicable to many more situations. To get started, write 3PA > 1NT in big letters on a piece of binder paper and place it on your favorite mirror, on your fridge, or make it your screen saver. Say the equation and its meaning when you look at it. As you do that, you’ll begin to slowly implement it more and more when obstacles clutter your path.

One of the best things about this method is that you will quickly learn how little effort it takes to take three positive actions. In no time at all you will be taking six, ten and twelve actions to breakthrough to the next level. Using the 3PA > 1NT will give you a much greater sense of peace in your personal, scholastic and professional world.

You will sleep better and worry less because you will make taking action your core instinct. In chess playing defense too long is always fatal. At some point you must commit to moving forward or die exhausted from reactive moves dictated by outside forces.

In order to ensure its full impact, you must use the 3PA > 1NT for 21 days straight. Studies show it takes 21 days for a habit to set into your mind. Allow this to become a part of your daily mental regimen and you will be unstoppable in any arena you walk.

Jay Z is not at the top of the world by accident. He is a chess player. 

Jay Z is not at the top of the world by accident. He is a chess player. 

Bishop Chronicles Mike Relm in SF Examiner

If you don't know, now ya know...

Mike Relm Feature in SF Examiner! :

This dude is cool...seriously cool. 

This dude is cool...seriously cool. 

A god among VJs, Mike Relm returns to the Independent on Friday for a fierce mashup set the likes of which have earned Relm more than 

13 million YouTube views and counting.

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner: http://www.sfexaminer.com/entertainment/music/2013/01/mike-relm-s-ghetto-blaster-slams-sf#ixzz2IxXKYYpO

Our Private Pride...


 “I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.” — Ron Burgundy

We all have something....something we really love that we feel kinda gives us that extra special swag level. When I was a kid I collected knowingly random movie items. I still have an E.T. belt with the tags and all never worn. I KNEW that one day the world would be feinding for an E.T. belt and I'd get crazy money. That never happened. Despite no demand for an E.T. belt EVER, I'm still glad I have it. I'm privately proud about having it. I have many other random film items (Close Encounters shirts, Ghostbuster pins, other oddities) that almost nobody would ever care about. But they are mine...and I love them. 

There is something else I privately love to share...I have a small yet divine collection of colored records. This is not all of them...Only a chosen few have ever had the honor of breathing around them...So I will share them with you now...Only the realest DJ's, and rare wax collectors will feel this...What do you own or what can you do that you are secretly proud of? Besides my wax collection, I can beatbox with my eye....YES, my eye...its possible. But now, tell me about you!!

A Tribe Called Quest...their first single. 

A Tribe Called Quest...their first single. 

WHITE vinyl...so precious....my precious....

WHITE vinyl...so precious....my precious....

I bet I played this only once or twice...
I bet I played this only once or twice...
Bas One...I love this record. 

Bas One...I love this record. 

I never played this one... maybe once ...once.

I never played this one...maybe once...once.

How Martial Arts Teach Nonviolence

American’s have been fascinated by martial arts since the mid 1970′s to 1980′s.  A Chinese man from San Francisco, California  named Lee Jun-fan would change the entire planet with his films. We came to know him by the name Bruce Lee.

Movies like The Big Boss, Fist of Fury and Way of the Dragon altered the U.S. film industry and the minds of American people forever.  His movies brought a new idea to what it meant to fight, and what it meant to be a fighter. Bruce Lee spoke differently, he talked of the importance of self knowledge, and fearless free expression.

These were not things American folks usually accepted with the idea of combat.
Around the same time, the Shaw Brothers began to make their own films like 36 Chambers of Shaolin, Five Deadly Venoms and One-Armed Swordsmen hypnotized the American masses. They instilled a new the idea of what violence, honor, respect, discipline, humility and human character meant.
This fascination with martial arts culture took an even bigger turn when the TV Show Kung-Fu aired. It was not the best TV show ever made. There were many racist undertones in the show from time to time. However, some of the conversations between the original Master Po and his students.

Additionally, these films and TV shows introduced a new idea of how to practice  nonviolence to Americans from all walks of life. These films had an affect music as well. Rap music from artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Dilated Peoples,Andre Nickatina, Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys, One Be Lo and many others have paid much homage to the impact of the movies and the philosophies learned from them.
The work of Bruce Lee, The Shaw Brothers, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and other films of the time helped teach Whites and Blacks alike the power of peace. To seek peace not  just outside ourselves, but more importantly the one we all seek inside ourselves.

Unfortunately the biggest mistake we make in the West is to think that someone who loves to study boxing,  kung-fu, wrestling or jiu-jitsu loves to fight. We think somewhere internally they enjoy hurting other people.
Now take a look at Buddhist monks. They are known globally as one of the most peaceful people on the planet. But they are also known for having a long tradition of cultivating self defense techniques.It is precisely because they have extensive knowledge of how to break bones and choke people, that they choose not to.
Let me be clear. When someone lashes out at a woman and swings wildly at her, it is proof that they’ve lost emotional control.

That act is completely different from the woman being swung on to tactically evade the fist coming at her. If she decides it is necessary to isolate her attackers arm, and  break it so she can be safe- that is nonviolence. She has created no violence in a space where violence was prevalent. Buddhism teaches nonviolence without question. Still Buddhists were taught that to observe injustice going on and do nothing made one worse than “devils.”

Martial arts films are the only movies in existence that consistently show women of clear mind and action fully capable of defending themselves. In America we look at women who can fight as “manly” and unattractive. Martial arts encourage women to learn self defense to cultivate and preserve their beauty and spirit. At the same time, we learn that violence is never to be taken lightly. That seemingly casually aggressive situations can turn deadly fast.

The roots of what motivated the attacker and the response from the woman who was attacked came from two different places. The attack came from rage or a desire for power. The response the woman gave was rooted in self preservation and a desire for peace. Jet Li was recently explaining the meaning of martial arts to CulturePulp :

In Chinese writing, wushu comes from two words: one is “stop” and one is “war.” “Stop-war.” In most action films, people focus on the “war.” Fighting, fighting, fighting. Violence against violence. Nobody talks about the “stop.” [laughs]

Today MMA (mixed martial arts) is taking over the world. The sport proves humanity has evolved to a place where martial artists can test their skills safely and make a great living a it. It is also important to acknowledge that many of the fighters you see in the UFC and Strikeforce

 almost never get caught up with the law. They are often far too focused on their physical and mental well being to run the streets trying to hurt people for the sake of their ego.

Now we see bullying as a long ignored social epidemic. We see crimes against women and young girls as a global cancer. Our children are also horribly out of shape. Teen obesity and disease from poor health are common among our kids. It is not the parents, educators or politicians who are helping America solve this issue. It is a family of martial artists, named the Gracie’s. Two brothers, Rener and Ryron Gracie, created Bullyproof and Women Empowered for children and adult women  in need of realistic ways to protect themselves.  Their cousin Kyra Gracie is respected around the world for her accomplishments. Beyond the self defense techniques, the students are taught about thepsychology of an attacker so they can used “verbal jiu jitsu” to evade a confrontation altogether.

Today we see many of today blockbuster movies for kids like Kung Fu Panda and Jaden Smith’s Karate Kidintroducing young people to the ideas of self discipline, inner peace and learning the power of not fighting. In these ways, the martial arts fused with film and music have helped preserve the legacy of nonviolence laid down in America by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

How Hip-Hop Teaches Nonviolence

As the anniversary of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. arrives, I cannot help but thank God for my parents. Long before it was a legal holiday, my parents took me out of school on his birthday. My mom and dad were strategic in their rebellion against the American school system.

That was how they honored his life, before the nation had the sense to do the same. We did not BBQ. I did not sleep in on Dr. King’s birthday. I read about Black history, my duty to learn from it and seek better for our people. I was taught to celebrate his life by respecting all life. I never met another kid who had parents that took such an approach to Dr. Kings birthday. I realize now that my parents were nonviolent revolutionaries. Today, with my own children I am working to pick up the torch they gave me in my youth. Hip-Hop music, has helped keep me stay in tune with the mission of Dr. King along the way.

Despite passing long before the seeds of Hip-Hop had began to bloom, rap music itself is an act of nonviolence. Many might immediately take offense to this or laugh. However if you look at even some of the most violent rap you can think of, it is still just a song. Any rapper who rhymes about killing, could have picked up a gun. Instead they chose to pick up a pen. I’m not defending the content of murderous rap. What I am saying is that they chose to write an angry poem, instead of using their felling to commit a violent act. That’s choosing nonviolence!

Dr. King spoke directly to the importance of education. In the era of Hip-Hop’s “Golden Age” knowledge was a duty for most rappers. Public Enemy, Rakim, Ice Cube and many others laid a clear foundation for promoting nonviolence in Hip-Hop.

Songs like Ice-T’s The Hunted Child , Ice Cube’s Colorblind illustrated in graphic detail about the consequence of violence on the streets. While embraced as a classics within the Hip-Hop community, mainstream media hardly acknowledge its existence. Even today rappers like Game and Nas will make songs in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and it gets almost no recognition by Black or White media outlets. So, they must be doing it for more than the money? They get zero reward for speaking about peace, and only hit the charts when they sing of murdering their own. We should applaud their courage and accept their sincerity.

In recent years songs like I Know I Can by Nas, Sabac Red’s The Commitment and T-KASH’sPeace To My Enemies motivate feet and minds to live better.

Dr. King took the power of God’s love to the streets. Hip-Hop music comes from the streets. This means that it will not always say things that are fun or easy to digest. But it will always be honest. Songs like Sticky Fingaz Oh My GodKanye West’s Jesus Walks and Rakim’s Who Is God? are brilliant illustrations of some of the spiritual aspirations circulating within the Hip-Hop community. The RZA from Wu-Tang Clan made an amazing song about love for The Creator called Sunshineon the album 8 Diagrams. Rapper Killer Mike wrote amazing verses about spiritual redemption with God In The Building. Many of these songs may not be in the Top 4o. But they keep the people on the streets motivated to embrace God. I don’t believe Dr. King would want it any other way. Let us remember he died on the way to protect the rights of sanitation workers in Memphis.

While many have taken on Dr. King’s mission of nonviolence, his crusade against poverty has been largely ignored. Poverty knows no color. The empty stomach of a child in Oakland does not hurt any less than the stomach of a child in Chechnya. A Mexican mother without food, worries no less than a White mom in Minnesota. Until I worked at a high school in San Francisco, I had not true understanding of poverty. This opened my eyes to the wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr., almost more than anything else.

I have learned that starving student cannot study. I have seen “underground railroads” of food emerge in response. Many teachers argue against kids attitudes in class. Others see food in the classroom a nuisance. I understand how frustrating it can be for a dedicated teacher to endure it. Kids appear to be disruptive in class, but they can’t hear the math lesson over the rumble in their stomach. I’ve watched kids walk down hallways in shoes with soles that literally are about to peel off the bottom of their foot and be mocked by others. I’ve seen kids walk around in clothes they’ve outgrown due to a growth spurt. So their growth is a silent curse as their parents cannot afford new clothes. I’m not talking only about just Black children. I see this as global burden. Poverty is an oppressive demon and in many cases is the root of why violence happens and why we (humans) excuse it many times. One might be able to argue that the bulk of the violence in Hip-Hop is in direct proportion to the initial state of poverty its performers existed in.

The impact of poverty on the heart and mind can be seen in the music of artists like Apathy’s Check to Check, or Vinnie Paz’s Keep Movin ‘ On . They leave deep impressions about the reality of poverty. In an Occupy Wall St. era, their lyrics sting with searing precision. In his time, Dr. King’s words had the same effect.

I love Jazz, Blues and Rock. I love Gospel and all other forms of Black music from the African diaspora. But nothing has pushed nonviolence as consistently and as bold as rap music.

It is a fact we cannot deny. This fact does not undo much of the violence and sexism and celebration of materialism in Hip-Hop. Yet it was Bid Daddy Kane, Biz Markie and Kool G Rap that reminded me to Erase Racism. What the subculture of Hip-Hop has achieved, I will not allow to be denied. I thank Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for his sacrifice every time I hear a rapper embrace peace. Happy birthday Dr. King. Those love Hip-Hop continue to keep your message alive.

'93 Til Hieroglyphics Series, Scott Budman and Diamond Shakoor

Happy New Year! We are excited to share with you a show that is exciting to us. If you know rap history you know that there are a few rap crews who get named off top: Run DMC, Public Enemy, NWA, De La Soul or  A Tribe Called Quest. 


Tajai L and Adisa R 

Another one of those crews, is the mighty Hieroglyphics crew from Oakland, CA.Hieroglyphics is a collective of MC's. Their members include Del, Souls of Mischief, Casual, Pep Love, DJ Toure and Domino. They burst onto the the scene in the early 1990's and were revered and feared for having the ability to do what very few could. They could make amazing songs, plus battle anybody and come out on top. In 1993 the Souls of Mischief Crew dropped the album " '93 Til Infinity" and made the most hardcore critics of rap take note. Even within rap, many east coast magazines were snobbish of West coast rap crews. Hiero pretty much shut them all up. Especially "'93". 


The album was visual, the beats were warm and jazzy. It had very street but also comedic without being clownish. Above all, it was original beyond measure. I was pretty shocked to see that no song from the album made it to the Rolling Stone Top 50 Rap Songs list ( they disrespected the west coast on that list). But that will be an entirely different show!! 

This show- is all Hiero.  2013 is the 20th anniversary of the release of '93 til Infinity . I'm proud to say that I am the first journalist to feature Del for The Source and shortly after I did a feature on Hiero for RapPages. 

I watched these guys build an empire. I watched them be one of the first rap groups to use the internet and start touring, selling merchandise and move units. In fact, for the next few weeks, we will have one member a week on the show. Each member is worthy of their own time and they will get it here on The Bishop Chronicles. 

First up from Hieroglyphics, we have Tajai (follow him on Twitter @TajaiMassey) . In this interview we talk about the culture of Oakland rap prior to the rise of Hieroglyphics. We will set the stage for you and show you where people got their records, did shows, ate, went to school, and how they recorded music before the age of protools. 

We also talk about Tajai's first experience looking at the politics of the rap industry and how he balanced going to Stanford University as he wrote classics as well as how he feels college affected the future of his own life and the group. He is currently attending a Masters program at UC Berkeley. 

Additionally, we will speak with NBC technology news anchor Scott Budman (follow him on Twitter @scottbudman). We talk in depth about the state of the Silicon Valley, the start up game and tech companies making it easier for small businesses to thrive. Then we talk to female chess prodigy Diamond Shakoor. Put on your crash helmet, buckle your seat belt, and put your mouth piece in- because its about to go down.

NBC 11 technology anchor Scott Budman gives us the realness on the national climate of tech culture. 

NBC 11 technology anchor Scott Budman gives us the realness on the national climate of tech culture. 

Diamond Shakoor is a rising star in the chess game. Mike and I met her in St. Louis and had a powerful conversation with her and her father. Very inspiring.

Diamond Shakoor is a rising star in the chess game. Mike and I met her in St. Louis and had a powerful conversation with her and her father. Very inspiring.

Cool Topics: Tupac and Skaters

Show #3 is a show about my friendship with Tupac Shakur. I talk about how we met and some of the things I remember about him. I also talk with pro skating vet Jordan Richter about punk rock, Hip-Hop, skating video games and much more. Relm and I had a great time making this show. We were so excited. The morning it went up, the Connecticut shooting rampage happened. We are so heartbroken. Expect a special Bishop Chronicles to drop about the Connecticut shootings and how I see not only the tragedy itself, but how the media is framing the discussion. Our hearts are with children and the families of Sandy Hook. 

Wu-Tang Cland's GZA, David Frazee & World Chess Hall of Fame

The launch of The Bishop Chronicles was powerful.  After doing our first show, we were scared to try and duplicate that level of knowledge, fun and inspirational moments. We know that our show is different. We know that this unusual mix of themes like technology, jiu jitsu, music, healthy lifestyle methods and chess is not for everybody.

Some people can’t deal with minds like David Frazee Esq., a partner at K&L Gates as he breaks down the global technology “War for Innovation”. They don’t know how to follow that and then explore the cultural value of chess with Susan Barrett and Shannon Bailey from the World Chess Hall of Fame. Some are not able to transition from that conversation into an in depth discussions with Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA. As they listen to GZA as he speaks about his favorite UFC fighters, tells the story of how the classic cover of Liquid Swords was made and what we can expect from Dark Matter you will discover one thing...As much as all of these seemingly unconnected things on this show appear on the surface- this stuff affects all of us. Often in ways that may be subtle. Still we are in truth one people, sharing one planet. We are connected....Every action we take can inspire and unify us, or it can spark division and corrode our thoughts and deeds. Sometimes in the most subtle ways-it’s still there. Enjoy the show. Please click on the sidebar to the left and sign up for our monthly newsletter!

RZA (L) and GZA (R) playing at HHCF Chess Kings Invitational. 

RZA (L) and GZA (R) playing at HHCF Chess Kings Invitational. 

Book by chess icon Paul Morphy at World Chess Hall of Fame. 

Book by chess icon Paul Morphy at World Chess Hall of Fame. 

Revolutionary war themed set from World Chess Hall of Fame. 

Revolutionary war themed set from World Chess Hall of Fame.