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Hip-Hop Chess Feature in Black Enterprise

Every once in a while a really cool thing unfolds and it feels great. When I was a kid, my parents used to have Black Enterprise in our house since I was about 11 or 12. As you can imagine it was a big deal to my parents. So, my dad was pretty pumped when he saw this. The HHCF was recently featured in BE and its pretty cool. Much respect and thanks to BIG CED, my NY connection to all things amazing :

You have to wonder what the person who thought of combining peanut butter and jelly was thinking when they did so. Did they know that many years later, it would be a winning combination that is still enjoyed today?

Maybe journalist/author Adisa Banjoko has the same thought process. Well, of course, not in terms of combining food, but in blending not two, but three passions that intertwine in his world. Each one can be and has been uplifting, not only to him, but to a legion of people who, in some form or fashion, has incorporated it into their every day lives.

Years ago, it may have seemed unlikely that hip hop, martial arts and chess would be a merger, but then again, why not? To some, the principles, logic and technique in each one, typically makes the participant better balanced. The art form and annals of each, has a substantial history that lessons can and are learned from.


Photo by Eric K. Arnold (one of the coldest to ever hold a camera)

Photo by Eric K. Arnold (one of the coldest to ever hold a camera)

Shot of Adisa Banjoko at Harvard

Adisa Banjoko shortly after addressing Harvard University. He stays repping the West. 


My talk on Hip-Hop, chess and martial arts at AOCC event at Harvard was amazing. Shout out to JP and Sam, Rich, Brian and Margo and the Brazilian grilled meat spot that fed us all afterwards! The HHCF will be aggressively delivering our methodologies to a city near you soon. I love Boston.

I had to leave the next morning to shoot some stuff with Mike Relm in Area 51 just outside of LA. Much respect to Henny, Gumby, Rakaa, Rener, Pete and Emile...that sushi was mad real after....Then me, Gumby and his lovely wife shot up the 5 and got back to The Bay.

I woke up (tweaked off that no sleep) and was immediately working on submitting proposals for HHCF and navigating upcoming press events. Tune into the next episode of Bishop Chronicles next week to learn more about what appears to be a perfect storm for those trying to spread peace to the planet. . I will have a very special interview with  Rener Gracie and Rakaa Iriscience about the difference between jiu jitsu and MMA on a practical and philosophical level. I can't wait for you to hear it...there is so much more to it...Be strong and lets talk soon. I'm addicted to Twitter so hit me @hiphopchess in between time...

HHCF Joins T-KASH in Oakland Marathon Run for Peace

Rapper T-KASH Runs Marathon at Oakland Running Festival for the Cause of

Non-violence & Education

March 6th 2013, Oakland, CA- The Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) is proud to announce that it is sponsoring rapper T-KASH as he runs for a second time. T-KASH is well known as an Oakland based rapper respected globally for his aggressive rhymes about street life and violence. In recent years T-KASH expanded his physical skills by losing almost 100 lbs and becoming a marathon runner and certified fitness instructor. On March 24th he will participate in the Oakland Running Festival for a second time to promote non-violence, health and education.  

People can donate to his mile match campaign HERE

“T-KASH was one of the first rappers to join the HHCF in our mission” said HHCF Founder Adisa Banjoko. “I watched him transform his own mind and body. He went from about 240 lbs  to a 180 lbs Marathon runner in a little over a year. Its funny because I inspired him to get serious about healthy living, now he’s inspiring me with his dedication to nonviolence and education. There has never been a better time for Oakland and America to choose peace as the way to healing all communities.”

" The culture of gun violence in Oakland can't be addressed before we address the history of the culture of gun violence itself” stated T-KASH. “This can only be done to a certain degree if we just make songs about it. I felt the need to expand the means by which we make this issue visible. That's why I run."

" As a member of the Student Parent Association for Recruitment and Retention , and an African American/Asian-Pacific Islander student at UC Berkeley, I believe we need to continue bring awareness to the fact that the diversity demographic at UC Berkeley is too small to ignore or attribute to random circumstances."

To fully illustrate his point, T-KASH dropped the MP3 I Run The Bay feat. Adisa Banjoko. The rap is a powerful testament to his lyrical skill and empowering perspective on the importance of having mind and body balance.

In related news, Adisa Banjoko just returned from Harvard University last week hosting a workshop on how music, chess and martial arts promote unity, strategy and non-violence to American youth.


T-KASH after last years Oakland Running Festival Marathon 

Look cooler than the person next you

Its true on the chessboard, on the mat, on the mic, on the turntables, on the dance floor...

Its true on the chessboard, on the mat, on the mic, on the turntables, on the dance floor...

Let 'em know you love the Bishop Chronicles !! I want to  thank CTRL Industries and Grypp Styles for collaborating with us on this shirt. 

Let 'em know you love the Bishop Chronicles !! I want to  thank CTRL Industries and Grypp Styles for collaborating with us on this shirt. 

OK, so check out this new shirt that represents the HHCF positive balance between logic and physical fitness. A portion of the sales will directly benefit the Hip-Hop Chess Federation. We thank you in advance for your support. http://ctrlindustries.bigcartel.com/product/technique-is-king