Hip-Hop Chess Feature in Black Enterprise

Every once in a while a really cool thing unfolds and it feels great. When I was a kid, my parents used to have Black Enterprise in our house since I was about 11 or 12. As you can imagine it was a big deal to my parents. So, my dad was pretty pumped when he saw this. The HHCF was recently featured in BE and its pretty cool. Much respect and thanks to BIG CED, my NY connection to all things amazing :

You have to wonder what the person who thought of combining peanut butter and jelly was thinking when they did so. Did they know that many years later, it would be a winning combination that is still enjoyed today?

Maybe journalist/author Adisa Banjoko has the same thought process. Well, of course, not in terms of combining food, but in blending not two, but three passions that intertwine in his world. Each one can be and has been uplifting, not only to him, but to a legion of people who, in some form or fashion, has incorporated it into their every day lives.

Years ago, it may have seemed unlikely that hip hop, martial arts and chess would be a merger, but then again, why not? To some, the principles, logic and technique in each one, typically makes the participant better balanced. The art form and annals of each, has a substantial history that lessons can and are learned from.


Photo by Eric K. Arnold (one of the coldest to ever hold a camera)

Photo by Eric K. Arnold (one of the coldest to ever hold a camera)