HHCF and Universal Zulu Nation Give Coats to Kids

I know my extended family out there in Boston and much of the East coast is really getting battered by the weather. I know you can't even begin to compare West coast winters to the the ones on the East. But at a certain point, cold is cold. 

At one of the schools I work at, I kept seeing kids coming to school in t-shirts in 30 degree weather. They would mostly act like they were ok, but if you pressed them they would admit they needed a jacket. Lucky for me, my good man Minista Don Mega of All Tribes Universal Zulu Nation of San Francisco had just done a coat drive and had a ton of coats. He even got some from my sister from way back CMG from Conscious Daughters.

They came though with about 50 jackets. Many of them name brand. They were all donated. These are just SOME of the kids we were able to serve that day. There are way more pictures than the ones I'm showing here. 

Let me be clear about something. I'm not rich. Nowhere near it. Neither are my folks in the UZN. But with sincere effort and organization, we helped a lot of kids. It does not cost anything to care.

I'm not telling you this to brag or judge anybody. I'm telling you this because right now I promise you there is a kid, teen or adult who needs some warmth. If you can do anything for them, or you know someone you can, take action. Remember 3PA > 1NT. PEACE...

Rockin' Uz and Suaro from UZN really represented. Much thanks to Minista Don Mega for being the cornerstone of making this happen. For more on All Tribes Universal Zulu Nation SF, visit www. facebook.com/AllTribesSF