RZA Flies HHCF Founder to Harvard March 1st

RZA and Adisa in SF....

RZA and Adisa in SF....

RZA from Wu-Tang Clan Flies Hip-Hop Chess Federation Founder to Harvard University to Speak on Hip-Hop, Chess and Nonviolence

Feb 5th 2013, San Francisco, CA-The Hip-Hop Chess Federation(HHCF) is proud to announce its founder, Adisa Banjoko  will be speaking at The 11th Annual Alumni of Color Conference  at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  On March 1, 2013 from 3:00-4:30 PM  Adisa Banjoko will present a multimedia interactive workshop, “Living The Game: The Powerful Fusion of Hip-Hop & Chess.”

“This presentation will explain in great detail the interwoven histories of Hip-Hop, chess and martial arts” stated Adisa Banjoko. “Further, it will show how the blending of art, logic and physical fitness guide young people to self-discovery, self-mastery and nonviolence.”

Shortly before getting the invite to present at Harvard, his family car was struck from behind while stopped on the freeway. “Between the loss of the car, getting my family seen by the Dr., and dealing with the insurance companies- I was stuck.”

After he got the invite to Harvard he sent an email to RZA (who serves at the HHCF Director of Outreach) explaining the situation. RZA, who is respected for being a man of action but few words sent an email stating “I think I can help.”

A few days later Adisa got an email confirming his flight to Boston. “It was shocking beyond words. RZA has supported the HHCF in many ways, but this was truly unexpected. RZA told me ‘

I'm helping you achieve this vision because on one hand as a comrade you came to me, and I think this can be fruitful for you and your family. On another hand,  I think the young people in our colleges can benefit from analytic minds such as yours. So it's a gift to them as well. Lastly these youths are to become the potential leaders of our country. So in the long run we help all.’”

ABOUT HHCF: The Hip-Hop Chess Federation is the first nonprofit 501(c)3 to fuse music, chess and martial arts, to promote unity, strategy and nonviolence. They host celebrity chess tournaments, youth camps and offer anti-bullying workshops to raise the grade point averages and self esteem of at-risk youth.